KELA Hair Jewellery

UI/UX, Digital Design & Development

E-Commerce Site

Hair Jewellery company KELA launched their product and needed an online presence to accompany this launch. I created an e-commerce site for them to be able to sell their product globally and promote their marketing campaigns.

UI/UX, Design & Development

KELA Hair Jewellery is the world’s first non-slip hair accessory. After 3 years of being in the market, KELA has grown at a rapid pace. This is due to it’s popular demand on the online store and through celebrities and influencers alike endorsing the latest hair accessory trend. I created this e-commerce site for KELA, using large visuals that allow for the fashion element of the photography to really shine through. It draws a nice juxtaposition in that the hair jewellery is quite small (the size of a marble), so the breathing space around the singular product imagery allows it to really stand out. The site has been supported by a constant content schedule on KELA’s social media channels, echoing the same high-end, fashion photography. I also created an Investor Portal that acted as a one-pager site within the KELA sitemap, allowing future investors to stay up to date with the product, it's offerings and what's in store for the future of KELA, as well as sign up to become and investor if they want to.

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